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Saint-Clément-des-Baleines is a village in southwestern France, located on the Île de Ré.

The village is situated in between Ars en Ré and Les Portes.


Why is Saint Clément nicknamed the whales?
The town is named “Whale” (baleines) because of large numbers of whales that washed up on the shores of the village:
Pliny the Elder speaks of 300 whales stranded on an edge of the Gulf of Aquitaine.
1522, Madame de la Tremoille request 7 or 800 pounds of whale Thibaud Maroy the receiver-general of the “Isle of Rhe.”
1582, December 31, Captain Bruneau de Rivedoux mentions a grounding of a mammal.
1584, Nicolas Herbin, notary of the lords of Ars and Loix speaks of a stranded whale.

1874: Foundation of the commune of “Saint-Clément-of-Whales”, by detachment of five hamlets of the town Ars-en-Ré  (le Gillieux, le Chabot, la Tricherie, le Griveau, le Godinand).

Nowadays: The village of St Clément des Baleines is now composed of six hamlets stands. The salt marshes near the nature reserve join the forest and the village together


Cycling, watersports: swimming, surfing, kitesurfing…
Fishing the north coast of the island has large sandy beaches, La Conche beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. You can also visit The Wild Life Reserve and its Maison du Fier as well. Conjointly take the possibilities to find the salt marshes and play golf.

What to see?

Le Phare des Baleines (the Whale Lighthouse) is the most visited monument on the ile de Ré.
The Museum of the Sea, unchanged for 50 years … Where you can see the bones of stranded whales and great old models.
The Semaphore
Hangar of the old lifeboat.
The fish locks.
The bunkers of the Atlantic Wall (WWII)

Ernest Cognacq Museum

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The Museum Ernest Cognacq is the Municipal Museum of St-Martin-de-Ré. It is named after Ernerst Cognacq, born in St. Martin 2 October 1839, founder of La Samaritaine (large departement store) in Paris.

This museum is located in a beautiful Renaissance building of the fifteenth century: “Hotel Clerjotte”. Temporary exhibitions on various topics, are regularly highlighting the rich collections of the museum tracking the history of ile de Ré. Entertainment, guided tours, lectures, educational activities, workshops for youth are offered throughout the year.

Portes en Re Golf

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Golfing at Portes en Ré

Located at the western end of the island, golf shirt is a package of tourist choice.
Indeed, this golf course is surrounded by a beautiful wildlife you will see the Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful beaches of the gates in Ré and you will be surrounded by forest.

Although damaged by the storm Xynthia, this golf course has been restored and is now fully operational to accommodate new golfer.

The course of this golf course consists of 9 holes. These holes achievable PAR 3 PAR 5, for a total of 34 PAR. This green area of ​​approximately 2350 meters. The richness of this course lies in its diversity. Once on the green, you will face several obstacles, ranging from bunkers to water hazards.

Several conditions must be observed to go on this course. It is imperative to have a license to play golf kit shirt. On the other hand, each player must come up with its equipment and wear proper attire. Any beachwear (shorts, tap, tank top …) will be grounds for denial of access to the course of the green.

If you want to become the new Tiger Woods, it is possible to book private lessons to learn golf.

Golf academy to La FLotte in ile de Re

There is a second golf course on the island of Re. La FLotte is located in Re (path Pouzereaux – 17630 La Flotte en Ré).
This golf course is only open during peak season unlike the one of Trousse Chemise.

The practice fee is € 2.50 (bucket of balls) and the individual course of half an hour is € 25. However, there is a one-hour group lesson, which costs only € 20.

See you on the green!

La couarde sur Mer ile de Re Village

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Family resort located in the middle of the island of Ré, La Couarde-sur-Mer is a small village. South side, has a long beach (5km) of fine sand surrounded by dunes and pine trees. North side the small port of Goizil hosts water sports. The only bandstand of Isle de Re in the center of the village can attend outdoors summer concerts. The cultural centre of la Couarde-sur-Mer is “La Maline” cinema and cultural venue: exhibitions, concerts, shows are regularly scheduled.

la couarde More photos of La Couarde

Villa Clarisse in Saint Martin de Re

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Adorable Hotel de Toiras, a nice historical former ship owner’s residence on ile de Re, opened a sister property in June 2011 quite far from it however. Hôtel de Toiras (that acquired “Gabaret’s Tower” in 2008 and opened 3 new bedrooms) now opens Villa Clarisse that is 5 minutes walk from the port and the hotel. Villa clarisse is just next to the hospital.

Our point of view: Nicest Hotel of Saint Martin de Ré but its Villa Clarisse is quite far from it and is situated in a narrow busy street in the hospital / city hall area.
Could be noisy during summer, during emergencies / injuries period in ile de Re.

6th june 2011 update: The 1st of june opening has been controversial. Indeed, the mayor’s non-authorization to open was dealing with wild building permit.

Surf Photo Exhibition

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February 11, 2011 5:00 pmtoFebruary 21, 2011 9:00 pm

Olivier Tourillon
Retrospective 2010
“I surf because…
Después fotografio.”

“Of the 60 photographs on display, there are a few blurry apparently not that terrible
I like it.”

Opening February 11, during the evening:

Live Music with “Open Bar”
Presentation of Award 2010 Retha Surf
Original idea: Jacques Sourisseau,
trophy, designed by Gege Renaud.

What are your nominees? What are your criteria? ;-)
To hear from you …

To see the Friday, February 11, 17:00 – 21 February, 20:00 at La Sarrasine on the îlot in St.

Ars en Ré village of ile de Re

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Ars en Ré village of the island of Ré


Formerly known Ars, the town took its current name March the 8th 1962. It was once an important port for the salt (until the early twentieth century) when salt was still taxed (Gabelle).


Charming village on the island of Re surrounded by salt marshes,
Ars en Ré also has a port (the largest of the Ile de Re) at the mouth
the Fier d’Ars. Narrow streets with
flowers, whitewashed houses and ancient Romanesque church half buried but especially
characterized by its white steeple on the black tip useful for sailors or fishermen, Ars
en Ré
‘s been elected one of the most “beautiful villages of France”.

The Fier d’Ars

The Fier d’Ars Bay is 800 hectares which is located in the west of the island of Ré, and opens to the northeast in the pertuis Breton. It is surrounded by the municipalities of Saint-Clément-des-Baleines in the west of the Portes-en-Ré north of Ars-en-Ré, and Loix south and east.
Its formation is related to the establishment of the Île de Ré, by the gathering of the three islands.
His crossing is required by a channel to access the port of Ars, it used to be considered as Les Portes’ port. La Patache in the north is an anchorage for boaters and oyster-farmers.

See more photos of ars

Ile de Ré Weather

Weather Ile de Re
July 31, 2014, 11:25 am
real feel: 26°C
current pressure: 102 mb
humidity: 60%
wind speed: 0 kts N
wind gusts: 0 kts
sunrise: 6:45
sunset: 21:36
Forecast August 1, 2014
Mostly cloudy with thundershowers
Mostly cloudy with thundershowers
wind speed: 6 kts WNW
wind gusts: 10 kts
Forecast August 2, 2014
Partly sunny with thundershowers
Partly sunny with thundershowers
wind speed: 6 kts WSW
wind gusts: 10 kts